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5 Time Management Tips to Improve Your Day

The importance of time management can not be overstated. We as business professionals, entrepreneurs, and for that matter everyone, probably have long To-Do lists that we face each morning. Whether you scribble what needs to be completed on a slip of scratch paper or you have a program like Teamwork that you use to plan…
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How to Enhance Your Client Relationships with 3 Simple Steps

No matter what your business may be, client relationships are key to your success. Whether you are in retail, a physician, a service provider, or are in project management like me, your business is built on relationships. Working together effectively with everyone, from your staff, to your clients, and your vendors is necessary to keep…
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Don’t Lose Focus on Zoom Meeting by Paying Attention to the Chat!

Learn how to Save All Chat Responses. Do you remember being in a Virtual Zoom Meeting and seeing important information in the chat box you knew you would need later? However, you stayed focused on the Meeting and forgot all about that important information. Well, this happens to everyone and that is why you are…
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