Don’t Lose Focus on Zoom Meeting by Paying Attention to the Chat!

Don’t Lose Focus on Zoom Meeting by Paying Attention to the Chat!

Learn how to Save All Chat Responses.

Do you remember being in a Virtual Zoom Meeting and seeing important information in the chat box you knew you would need later? However, you stayed focused on the Meeting and forgot all about that important information. Well, this happens to everyone and that is why you are going to learn how to not let this happen to you again.

In today’s online business world, many of us are doing Zoom events. We will be sharing some Zoom Tips and Tricks to help you benefit in the application and maximize your learning.

What do you do on Zoom? For example, staff meetings, trainings, family visits, church services/meetings, etc.

How many times did you want to save something that was in the chat and you did not know what to do?

What is the chat area in Zoom? It is the area where everyone can communicate and share with one another without interrupting the meeting.

The speaker has moved on to the next point, and you are still writing the first point down. Writing down the information can be a distraction.

Why would you want to save the chat? In the chat, people talk about Aha moments, important highlights, bullet points, important URL: information, reference materials, etc. For example, in a training or meeting, the speaker says something of importance, and you want to remember or share.

How to save the chat? Before the host ends the meeting, when you are in chat, at the bottom where you address the panelist/individual person/everyone, next to the file icon are three dots … click on the three dots, save chat. When the chat is saved, it will pop up Chat Saved, Show in Folder. Click on Show in Folder to see the Chat.

Now, when you are on your next Zoom event, you can pay attention and save the chat.

Another important tip is to save the chat before the host ends the meeting. Once the meeting has ended, you do not have this option.

If the Host recorded the meeting, they do have access to the recording, video and chat.

Enjoy your next Zoom event!