How Much Is Procrastination Costing America?

How Much Is Procrastination Costing America?

Procrastination is such a costly, unhealthy habit. How many times have you picked up that file or paperwork to then say to yourself, “I will handle that later”? Later comes, you pick up that file or paperwork again and say to yourself “I will handle it later when I have more time to commit”. This can go on for several attempts. Think of all the time and money you are losing by not handling the paperwork/file the first time.

Does this sound familiar? Monday you receive an email asking for an updated report on employee’s completion of a training course. You tell yourself that you can get it done later once you handle other pressing projects. Monday afternoon comes and there is that same email still looking at you regarding the updated report. It is time to call it a day. Tuesday morning you open your email and there it is……still looking at you. You already have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning so it will have to wait until the afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon comes and you get an emergency phone call. You have to leave work to handle some personal business. Wednesday morning you come in (you are already behind schedule because of Tuesday’s emergency phone call interruption) and there is that same email just looking at you. Finally, you take the time to gather the information needed and complete the updated report as requested. Did you feel the pressure while reading this paragraph? Can you imagine if you were the one coming into work looking at that same email over and over and over again?

Wouldn’t it be much easier and definitely more cost effective if you handled the file or paperwork on the first try? Along with procrastination, your stress level will also escalate.  We think we are putting off a project when we postpone, but in reality we are constantly thinking about it until we have completed the work. Again, the time spent on this project is still mounting the longer we procrastinate.

Procrastinate means to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; to postpone or delay needlessly. Instead of procrastinating when handling your project, why not put your mind at ease and quit costing the company money by getting the job done right the FIRST TIME! Increasing profit and decreasing stress level can be attained by avoiding Procrastination.