How to Enhance Your Client Relationships with 3 Simple Steps

How to Enhance Your Client Relationships with 3 Simple Steps

No matter what your business may be, client relationships are key to your success. Whether you are in retail, a physician, a service provider, or are in project management like me, your business is built on relationships. Working together effectively with everyone, from your staff, to your clients, and your vendors is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Here are three key steps/actions to help you to have excellent working relationships and very happy clients.

1. Effective Communication, and How to Achieve It

As with personal relationships, it is important to have open and effective communication with those you work with. Communication is described as a transfer of information from one person to another. Whether it is a co-worker or a client, you want to be sure your message is clear and was understood by all involved. Being clear with what you say is not always enough, as the others need to understand for the communication to be complete. Their understanding may be different than your own, so make sure that all parties know that open communication is acceptable and appreciated should confusion or questions arise.

2. Never Underestimate the Importance of Understanding

Communication is one thing, understanding is something else entirely. We all view things through the lens of our lives, which is why two people can hear or see something and have a different idea about what occurred. It is also why you should confirm all parties understand what transpired. This can be done by asking questions during the conversation or saying things in more than one way, to be sure you reach everyone. One great business practice is to confirm your discussion with a follow-up email. This can come from either the communicator or the receiver of the information. Taking the time to confirm the directives can save both time and money in the long run if misunderstandings have occurred.

3. How to Create Happy Clients by Overdelivering

Overdelivering is a great way to impress your clients! You may be asking, how you can overdeliver when they assign you a task. It is easier than you might think. One of the easiest ways is to give them more than they ask for. Whatever your assignment is, take it a step or two more. Give them a little something extra that they are not expecting. Another great way is to complete your assignment early. Now, if you are a procrastinator, this can be difficult, but trust me, your clients will appreciate it. You can even overestimate the delivery time (giving you wiggle room if needed), and then present it early for the win!

Wrapping it all up with Improved Client Relationships

Building your business through excellent client relationships begins from your very first interaction, you want to make a great first impression. Whether through an email or a call, be sure to present yourself as the person they can depend on. From that first conversation, you want to communicate effectively with them, show them you understand what they need. Listen to what they say. Ask questions. Make suggestions. Then follow up to confirm your understanding. Everyone wants to be heard and understood, and in the best relationships, you should be. Through great communication and being proactive, you give the client confidence in your abilities and create a trust that their needs are important to you. Top it off with overdelivering on your assignment, and you have it! The perfect gift. Wrap these tips up with a bow! Providing this level of service to your clients will create long-term, rewarding relationships for you both.