Working with a Challenging Client

difficult client

Joe called and needs an email blast to go out right away!

Susie was upset about a task she specifically asked me to handle via email. Although I performed the task to specific directions, it was done incorrectly and it was my fault!

Daniel needs a proposal put together for a potential client. He sent us a sample of what he uses, but doesn’t give us all the logistics to complete it.

Do these things sound familiar? Do you have clients who:

  • Tell you to do one thing but yet expects you to do another?
  • Is knit-picky?
  • Expects you to drop what you’re doing and work on their problem?
  • Thinks they are your only client?
  • Having a week’s worth of work and wants it done in one day?
  • Thinks everything is an emergency?
  • Expects everything, but wants to give nothing in return?
  • Believes you can read their mind?

No matter your industry, you are always going to have or run into your “problem” client. It’s how you deal with these clients that will determine your stress level or success with or without them.

We are going to do a series of blogs on some of these familiar scenarios that you have probably experienced in your business.

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