Michael Slemmer, The Collaborative

“I can’t imagine running my business without Janine! I never worry about client care, attention to detail and systems running smoothly. She frees me up to do the work I love which allows me to help more people. I recommend her highly!”

Annetta Wilson, Annetta Wilson Media Training & Success Coaching

Janine is the most organized, meticulous, and quality conscious virtual assistant I have ever worked with. She gives this control freak the comfort level I need to “let go” and give her some projects I should have given up long ago. In Janine, I trust!

Monica Wofford, Contagious Companies

It has been a pleasure working with Lillian and the rest of the team at PM Specialist.  Lillian is very knowledgeable, methodical, responsive and helps organize our day to day operations.  We’ve dealt with other firms in the past, but after working with PMSpecialist it makes me easily forget about them.

Bert Daniel, Spectrum Enterprises, LLC

Before working with PMSpecialist I struggled to find the “right” kind of support for my business. I was looking for someone who was autonomous, could use their common sense to make decisions and improve processes in my business AND be able to pick up the phone, if and when it was easier to have a quick chat to clarify any questions. With PMSpecialists, my prayers were answered. They are easy to work with, responsive and honest. Able to take initiative and make suggestions. I have no doubt that things will get done when I hand stuff over to them. Thank you PMSpecialist for your support!

Silvia Johnson, Outside The Cubicle, LLC

I have worked with Janine for a little over four years now, and I am very pleased to say that the consistency of her approach towards whatever it is she is working on, and the quality of the result is always constant and impeccable. There have been numerous projects she has been assigned individually and an equal number where she has worked with others as a part of a team, which have been completed well ahead of schedule, with few if any adjustments needed before, during, or after implementation of the finished product. Janine’s professional demeanor, positive, can do attitude, and endless enthusiasm, coupled with a willingness to view the project requirements through the eyes of the client, creates an extremely productive working environment for all concerned. Whatever your current “Business Assistant” needs are, I think you will find Janine’s approach to meeting those needs competent, steady, and refreshing.

Rev. Michael Matzen, First Baptist Church of Maitland

So what does one look for when you need an assistant? How do you figure out what you can turn over to another individual without losing control? How do you move from “Well, I guess I will just have to do it myself!” to a comfort level where you allow another person to produce work on your behalf? These questions and many more are answered easily for you when you find someone like Janine to work with. And understand, Janine does work WITH you because she takes your business as seriously as she does her own.
I was fortunate in that I knew Janine on a personal level long before we began to work together. So I started our relationship with no questions about her integrity, her professionalism, her ability to always know what should never be shared with another individual. I already knew that she was very result focused and her perception of quality was as high if not higher than my own. And she is probably the fastest worker I have ever been around. I can hardly hang up the phone or close my email before the task is completed and back to me. She is perceptive, analyses clearly, and is always thinking of how to make a process more efficient and effective.
I constantly refer Janine to others because I know she will help make them a more efficient businessperson. Everyone who knows me professionally already knows that Janine is due a great deal of respect and recognition for her role in my success. This is my small way of beginning to repay her by letting you know that you will make a very wise business decision when you hire her to help structure, organize and run your business on any level. One small project or a long term relationship – you always know what you will get from Janine – her very best in helping you be your very best!

Saralyn Collins, SaralynCollins.com