Three Things to Stay at the Top of Your Game in Business

Three Things to Stay at the Top of Your Game in Business

Traveling the day after Florida State lost to Oregon in the Rose Bowl, we stopped to rest in Tallahassee, FL. We got checked into our room and were ready to find something to eat.

After a drive in heavy traffic, we were looking for sit-down local restaurant, not a chain. The hotel hostess recommended the La Fiesta Restaurant.

As we arrived at the La Fiesta Restaurant, there were three restaurants right next to each other. La Fiesta had no cars in the parking lot. Since there looked to be not many people there, we decided to check out the restaurant next door, Barnaby’s Family Inn Restaurant. Barnaby’s parking lot was full – It must be good, right? It was not what we expected, so we left.

At this point, we decided to check out the La Fiesta Restaurant anyway. We were pleasantly surprised! We asked to look at the menu, the hostess obliged. He then raved about the food and told us he ate there all the time before he ever started working there. As we continued to look at the menu, a customer came in to pick up her take-out order. She saw us looking at the menu and shared with us what a great place to eat and which menu items were her family’s favorite.

Based on several recommendations, we ate at the La Fiesta Restaurant. The food was fabulous and plentiful, the quality of service was awesome and engaging, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

We almost missed out on a great experience because there were no cars in the parking lot. Looks can be deceiving. One of the reasons there were not many people in the restaurant, Tallahassee is a college city with a great football team, it is winter break; and for those people still around, they were mourning the loss to Oregon.

Here are three things to think about in order to stay at the top of your game:

  1. How often are you and your business recommended by your clients to others? One of the best gifts in business is a referral from your client. When your client refers you, they are putting their reputation on the line .Our business if based on referrals. Check out our Project Management Specialist testimonial page to see how our clients rave about us.
  2. Do you prefer Quality of Service or Quantity of Service? Quality of Service? When a client wants something right away, it can often affect the quality of service. Quantity of service gets you what you want; however, it may not be the quality you expect. Project Management Specialist strives on quality of service in a timely manner.
  3. How much of your business is built on repeat clients? They are like referrals, they like what you do and what you have to offer, they have come back for more! As your business grows, don’t forget about those clients who got you where you are today.

You can stay at the top of your game with client referrals, quality of service and repeat business. Focus on these three elements and see the difference in your business this year.