What I Learned From Auggie, And How It Helped With My Client Relationships

What I Learned From Auggie, And How It Helped With My Client Relationships

Five years ago, I purchased a Great Dane from a reputable breeder and had her flown to us and joined our family. We connected almost immediately. She was (and still is) my precious, Zora. We went to obedience training, where she received her Canine Good Citizenship certification, and we even dabbled in a few shows. Things were going so well with Zora, we decided to purchase Auggie. We were excited to have a buddy her size for Zora to play with.

Auggie arrived a few months later. My husband, Stan, and I quickly came to realize Auggie did not like our loud and busy home. In fact, several months after Auggie arrived we still were not meshing at all. I told Stan that if things did not change, we would need to consider rehoming him.

“Let’s take him through obedience training and see if things change,” I suggested to Stan. We signed up for training and off we went! Twelve weeks later we had a whole different pup!

Similar to my situation with Auggie, relationships with our clients and customers may not always be how we expect or would like them to be. It is important to learn what our clients and customers expect, what makes them happy, and how going that “extra mile” to be sure they are getting what they need.

If expectations are not being met, it could be as simple as changing the way we are communicating. As with Auggie, if the information is received in a way that they understand and are comfortable with, it will build their trust and confidence in you.

As an example, we had a client, we will call Jane, who frequently told us how busy she was, yet she requested to be copied on every email sent out to her clients/customers. We were puzzled as she knew we were handling the communication appropriately, which was confirmed by the rave reviews the clients gave her about us. Still, she worried something might slip through the cracks. Eventually, she put her trust in us and our communication skills to work. At times, as you build relationships with clients, there is a learning curve. One where you both ensure you are comfortable with expectations, and your client is confident in your abilities so your business relationship can flourish.

This is a picture of Auggie and me doing some off-leash walking. Together we trust and depend on each other, making us a great team! Learning how to manage your relationships with your clients/customers (and their clients/customers) is similar. By building your client’s trust and their depending on your abilities, will lead to stronger relationship and better business for all!

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