About Us

Janine Heydrick founded Project Management Specialist following 30+ years of experience in office management, administrative support, process and project management, training, and coaching. Janine is passionate about her commitment to making a difference and helping others. Her solution is “win-win” for everyone.
Some of Janine’s professional achievements include:

MBA Degree in Technology Management Author’s Assistant Certification
Project Management Certification Speaker’s Assistant Certification
Six Sigma-Green Belt Certified Online Business Manager Certification

Janine strives for process improvement in everything she does. Her professional development is key to new learnings and staying on the cutting-edge of technology and information.
Janine loves people and building relationships. When Janine is not working, she is spending time with her family and friends. Janine believes time is a gift given by God, what you choose to do with it, it is up to you. What is your legacy you are leaving your family, friends and business?

Linda Brink has been a team member since 2010 and brings over 15 years of experience in office administration and management.
She strives to provide unparalleled service for her clients in the following areas:

Personal/Professional Assistant Administrative Professional
Customer/Client Relationship Social Media
Online Management Web design/development/maintenance

Linda is constantly finding new and improved ways to make your business a success. She continually attends courses, seminars and webinars to keep up to date on the latest trends and techniques.
Let Linda bring together the administrative and technical side of your business.

Lillian Davis has been a team member of PMSpecialist for over three years. She brings over 20 years of experience in administrative support and human resources and office management. She loves a challenge and is always looking for the best solutions.
Lillian is well-versed in the social media field. She is always thinking of her next blog or thought for the day. She is committed to making each and every day an enjoyable experience for the customer she serves.
Some of her abilities and talents include:

Personal Assistant Property and Case Management
Calendar Management Administrative Professional
Customer Service Social Media

Lillian has been given the gift of advocating for others who cannot advocate for themselves. Lillian loves taking care of her two children (one having special needs) – this is the blessing God has given her. Lillian believes that no matter what challenges or obstacles you are given in life – it is more important to make the best of any situation. Are your challenges and obstacles being handled so they can be a productive part of your life?