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Independence and Freedom of Choice

Do you remember what was going on in your life in May 2006? I do. After many years in the corporate world with constant thoughts of how I was going to retire within the next 15 years I was called into a meeting to be informed that I had been let go from my dream…
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How the Pandemic Makes You Rethink Your Business

Do you remember the huge change that took place in the United States on February 2, 2020? This is the day that the President barred non-US citizens from traveling from China. This has never happened in my lifetime, so I knew that it was something serious that would affect the entire country. Shortly after the…
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Four Benefits of Working With A Partner in Your Business

What is it like working with a partner in your business? I never dreamed that is what I would do; however, today I would not trade this position for anything in the world. Over 12 years ago, I got laid off from a major corporation. I had no idea what I was going to do…
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