How to Make Gratitude Part of Your Business

How to Make Gratitude Part of Your Business

As this year of 2020 is coming to a close, and we are a mere week from Thanksgiving, I find myself reflecting. Reflecting on the year that has been like no other, ever! As I think about the world-wide pandemic, the epic year of fires and storms we have endured, all the tragic losses of lives, property, and yes, businesses, I still find myself feeling grateful. Of course, I am grateful for those in my personal life, but I also found myself thinking about what role gratitude plays in business and what impact it might make on those we work with and our businesses. Let me tell you a little about what I found as I researched this subject.

“All businesses and jobs depend on a vast number of people, often unnoticed and unthanked without which nothing really gets done. They are all human and deserve respect and gratitude.” 

~ Margaret Heffernan, American Businesswoman

This quote led me to think about the essential workers that we all have come to appreciate more than ever during the pandemic, I began to think about all of those people who help me and my business. My co-workers who I speak to daily, know I am grateful for all they do. But what about the vendors, the customer service representatives, the technicians, delivery personnel, and the rest we may not acknowledge as often. They need to know that they are appreciated as well.

In November 2019, Forbes Magazine featured an article about displaying gratitude in the workplace and the positive effects it can make on the working environment. Titled, “The Business Impact of Gratitude” by Eric Mosely, there are some practical suggestions and impacts. Focused more on larger/corporate companies, it applies to businesses such as Project Management Specialist, and likely your business too. 

Showing gratitude and appreciation to those we work with improves their morale and their job satisfaction. Whether it is recognition of a job well done on a big project, or perhaps an attempt that did not pan out or stepping in to help when it is needed even if it is not their responsibility, knowing that they are appreciated is all that matters. Being recognized and acknowledged for whatever the contribution they make to your companies’ overall success may be, it is appreciated. Oh, and never underestimate a simple hello, handshake, or just a ‘thank you for being here today,’ those moments and comments also go a long way.

There are so many things I am grateful for, not the least of which are the wonderful clients who the team and I are fortunate enough to serve every day here at PMSpecialist.  We are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of your business and your success. So, I would like to thank our clients and all those we work with. We look forward to continuing these relationships for years to come. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!