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I Have A Dream

Those four words have set the tone to equality in the world. What exactly is equality? Equality is a noun that means the state of being equal, especially in status, right and opportunities. Martin Luther King wanted equality for everyone based on freedom, rights and treatment. Equality in the work world refers mostly to opportunity…
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The Hustle and Bustle is Over….What’s Next?

Whether it is our personal or business life, we seem to work ourselves into a frenzy during the holidays with the hustle and bustle while focusing on others. Once the holidays are over, we seem to be able to release a deep sigh, and the thought is … what’s next? With the New Year comes…
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Staying In Touch – Even After the Holidays

Often times throughout the year, we seem to lose touch with contacts, co-workers, networking opportunities or just friends! The holidays are a great time to reconnect. Going to parties or special networking events allow us to not only meet new people but to readjust our relationship with those we may not see or speak to…
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