I Have A Dream

Those four words have set the tone to equality in the world. What exactly is equality? Equality is a noun that means the state of being equal, especially in status, right and opportunities. Martin Luther King wanted equality for everyone based on freedom, rights and treatment.

Equality in the work world refers mostly to opportunity and treatment. Women in the work world do not feel like they are being given the same opportunities to succeed or prove their expertise as men. Wouldn’t this be an ideal situation? A management position becomes open and there are two applications to review. The only things provided on the applications are the applicant’s experience and professional education. There is absolutely no reference to the sex or age of the applicant. The decision on who to hire is solely based on the information given and verified on the applications.

How much better would the company run with the most qualified applicant? So many times someone is passed up on a position because of their sex, age, race or look. This makes the work situation very uncomfortable and will reflect in the work force.

It seems like Martin Luther King had a wonderful solution to run the world as a whole. Let’s remember Dr. King on his Birthday by utilizing his infamous words of “I Have A Dream” and make that dream come true even in the business world.