Staying In Touch – Even After the Holidays

Often times throughout the year, we seem to lose touch with contacts, co-workers, networking opportunities or just friends! The holidays are a great time to reconnect. Going to parties or special networking events allow us to not only meet new people but to readjust our relationship with those we may not see or speak to regularly.

As small business owners, we want to help other small business owners grow and succeed. We need to remember that when we are meeting new people, we aren’t networking with just those people sitting at our table or within our circle; there is potential for a referral, and really what is the best way to gain a new client — by a referral?!

Do not just gather business cards at an event and then go back to the office to insert them in your database for your monthly newsletter or “friend” them because we know popularity counts! What really makes you popular — the quantity of friends or the quality of friends?

Take some time through the coming year to send out a couple of emails, cards, private messages through social media or just a quick phone call to catch up. Block out 15-30 minutes on your calendar four times a year (once per quarter or however often you would like) to schedule time to allow yourself to “reconnect” with others. These small things can make a difference in your business and client relationships!